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Pastoral Staff Recommendeds
Click Here for Lance's Book Recomendeds

Nigel Morris's

Simply Christian (NT Wright)
Pure Gold (McCasland)
Inside Out Worship (Matt Redman)
The Heart of Worship Files (Matt Redman) OP
Pursuit of God (AW Tozer)
Knowledge of the Holy (AW Tozer)
Healing (Macnutt)
Restorers of Hope (Amy Sherman)
“For Everyone” Commentaries (NT Wright)
Doing Healing (Alexander Venter)
Power Healing (John Wimber)
God Meant it For Good (R.T. Kendall)
The Father Loves You (Piorek)
The Central Event (Piorek)
The Rabbi’s Heartbeat (Brennan Manning)
The Healing Reawakening (Francis MacNutt)
Authority to Heal (Ken Blue)

Dan Mahon's

Kingdom Ethics (Glen Stassen)
Challenge of Jesus (NT Wright)
Kingdom of God (John Bright)
Following Jesus (NT Wright)
Evil and the Justice of God (NT Wright)
Severe Mercy (Sheldon Vanauken)
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni)
Saving God’s Green Earth (Tri Robinson)
Breakthrough (Derek Morphew)
Concise Theology (J. I. Packer)
After you Believe (N.T. Wright)
Discipleship on the Edge (Johnson)

Pastorial Care Dept

Addiction and Grace (Gerald May, M.D.)
Breaking Free (Willingham & Davis)
Breaking Free From the Spirit of Death (J. Hunter)
Boundaries (Cloud & Townsend)
The Mom Factor (Cloud & Townsend)
Falling Forward (Craig Lockwood)
Getting Anger Under Control (Anderson & Miller)
Healing the Masculine Soul (Gordon Dalbey)
Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth (Jeffrey Satinover, M.D.)
How People Grow (Cloud & Townsend)
Restoring the Christian Soul (Leanne Payne)
Shame and Grace (Smeedes)
The Search for Significance (Robert S. McGee)
The Wounded Healer (Henri Nowen)
The Wounded Heart (Dan B. Allender)
Torn asunder (Dave Carder)
12 Steps W/ Jesus (Don Williams)

Craig Lockwood's

A Tale of Three Kings (Gene Edwards)
A Spiritual Formation Workbook (JB Smith)
Celebration of the Disciplines (Foster)
Communication: Key to Your Marriage (Wright)
Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (Mme. Guyon)
Fire Within (Thomas Dubay)
God, Dreams and Revelation (Morton Kelsey)
Holy Listening (Margaret Gunther)
Inner Compass (Margaret (Silf)
Invitation to a Journey (Mullholland)
Life Together (Deitrich Bonhoeffer)
Renovation of the Heart (Dallas Willard)
Sleeping With Bread (Linn)
Ministering to the Lord (Brant)
Prayer (Foster)
The Marriage Builder (Larry Crabb)
Savoring God’s Word (Jan Johnson)
Sacred Marriage (Gary Thomas)
Spiritual Disciplines Handbook (Adele A. Calhoun)
The Discerning Heart (Wilkie Au)
Weeds Among the Wheat (Thomas H. Green)
The 5 Dysfunctions Of A Team (Patrick Lencioni)

Mike Safford's

Following Jesus (NT Wright)
Surprised By Hope (NT Wright)
Simply Christian (NT Wright)
Necessity of Community (Safford)
Enjoy the Silence (Robbins and Robbins)
Becoming Human (Jean Vanier)
The Road to Daybreak: A Spiritual Journey (H. Nouwen)
In the Spirit of Happiness (Monks of New Skete)
The Imitation of Christ (Thomas a Kempis)
Too Small To Ignore (Wes Stafford)

Jamie Gillentine's

Victory Over Darkness (Neil T. Anderson)
The Signature of Jesus (Manning)
Making All Things New (Nouwen)
A Grace Disguised (Sittser)
The Master Plan of Evangelism (Coleman)
Prayer (Richard J. Foster)

JP Moreland's

Empowered Evangelicals (Rich Nathan)
Surprised by the Power of the Spirit (Jack Deere)
Surprised by the Voice of God (Jack Deere)
Renovation of the Heart (Willard)
The Divine Conspiracy (Willard)
Knowing Christ Today (Willard)
Total Forgiveness (Kendall)
The Way of the Heart (Nouwen)
Total Truth (Nancy Pearcey)
Salvation and Sovereignty (Kenneth Keathley)
Reasonable Faith (William Lane Craig)
Icons of Evolution (Jonathan Wells)
The Case for the Real Jesus (Strobel)
Defeating Dark Angels (Charles Kraft)

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